(v) make or become different; (n) the act or instance of making or becoming different.

As a Cancer-Gemini cusper, I am one of the most conflicted astrological signs out there.  When you think of any two diametrically opposed personal traits or characteristics, that is me – both of them.  Head vs. Heart. Intellect vs. Emotion. Water vs. Air.  Change vs. Stability.  On any given day, you will find my head in a never-ending battle with itself.  So, you can find it as no surprise that this comfort-seeking, domesticated nester oftentimes finds herself changing jobs and cities every year or two.  It makes no sense, and yet, it makes total sense.  I live a very paradoxical life.
After 12 years, 7 cities and 6 jobs, I realized that I wasn’t satisfied with the direction in which my life was heading, which was more like an upward spiral rather than a direct line to anywhere I wanted to be.  There is no doubt in my mind that each of these chapters has served a great and mighty purpose for my personal and professional development, but there is also no doubt in my mind that each of these chapters was not going to lead me to my life purpose if I stayed the course.
It was time to don my well-worn change hat and head in a new direction,  however, I needed to enact change differently than how I had done so in the past.  Instead of letting life lead me, I was going to lead (my) life in a way that felt good, voluptuous, smooth, flowing… and plain old yummy.  Therefore, I am in the process of designing my life by making it MINE and making it YUMMY. 
For anyone else trying to create their own stories, below are the lessons I am learning during my change journey:
Trust Your Gut
Based on the Meyer-Briggs Personality test, we receive information using a combination of Intuition (Gut Feeling) and Sensing (5 Senses).  Each of us has a preference for one channel or another, and mine definitely tips the scale on the Intuitive side, which means that I try to avoid situations that feel ‘off.’   While our reptilian brains have a strong rationality override, I do believe that there is value in taking notice when a situation leaves a bad taste in your mouth, especially if it’s more than once.  It’s most likely a sure-fire sign that something is broken that needs to be fixed.  Trust it, and explore it.
Rewrite Your Story – Make It Yours.  Make It Yummy
Starting to get the theme, yet? 🙂 After years of paying dues, living life as a means to an end, fulfilling obligations and answering other people’s demands, no wonder we become so out of touch with who we are and what we want for ourselves.  Our voices muted, our needs ignored, our desires repressed, we march through life obediently.  Take a time-out to rewrite YOUR story filled with all of those things that will make you feel full, meaningful and, of course, yummy! 
Start Somewhere… Anywhere
Plans are a great framework to organize ideas and tasks, but don’t be fooled.  They can also very easily turn into stalling tactics and false senses of security.  Sometimes, the best way to gain momentum is to just get started… somewhere… anywhere.  An email can turn into a lead can turn into a job.  Unravel the thread presented and pull because you never know where it will lead.  Initiative is scary because it means that you’re IN IT – you have begun moving in the direction of your dreams.  Keep going!
Follow The Flow
Hard work is a definite cornerstone to success.  We must invest the necessary time to research, network, build, etc.  However, when we push too hard to try to make something happen, the less likely it is to come true.  I am a strong believer that what is meant to be in our lives will come naturally, easily and willingly.  When you find that current, ride it.  It will prove a lot less resistant and a lot easier to follow.
Keep The Faith
Breathe.  No matter if the change is big or small, it’s change.  It looks new and feels different.  So take as much time as you can to plant your seeds and watch them grow.  Every time you doubt or question, call for reinforcements – remember how courageous you are; know that things are germinating; believe that you dreams are coming true; have faith that you are only given what you can handle.  Exercise these thoughts, and they will become stronger because thoughts really do become reality.  What do you have to lose?  
Don’t Be Afraid To Shed
Beware of naysayers and opinion givers as you share your new story.  If you are sharing a different side of yourself, or if your story doesn’t clearly define how the old fits into the new, then your friends and family may be taken aback or not know how to respond.  That’s ok!  You may find yourself not seeing eye to eye with the old, in which case, you need to start shedding the past to usher in the future.  Don’t worry, though, as you will be making room for those who do  understand your new story.  You need to decide who makes the cut and who doesn’t for the next chapter of your life.
Change is powerful because it can act as a great life force for all of us.  When we start living lives scripted by others, we lose ourselves – our dreams, our purpose, our meaning.  In order to take back control, we need to become aware of when this happens and make the purposeful changes necessary to re-script our lives. 
With Love,