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Filling the space between and within
Deep-seated feelings of unlove
Projected out into the world
As her plea for validation
She gives endlessly
To everyone but herself
Hoping to be loved
And to find her belonging
A brick wall protects her heart
From feeling broken and sad
Building resentment and frustration
Which makes everything mad
Sensitivity goes hand in hand
With heightened defensiveness
Creating mile high barriers
With little understanding
Words become misconstrued arrows
Of slight, hurt and slander
Actions become misunderstood slings
Of attack, aggression and anger
There is no in-between
Always just black-and-white
The difference between good and bad
Will always justify the fight
The emotional rifts widen
To expose her soft-belly core
But soon thereafter comes a rumbling
Whose tsunami flows can’t be bore
Her heart is pure and golden
Carrying the best of intentions
It’s the weight of inconsequence
That always makes her strive for recompense
I open my heart, working to be soft and kind
But can no longer bear her pain
I shed her fears and insecurities
It’s my own progress that I must gain
Thank you deeply for your love
The time has come for me to say goodbye
To the relationship that once seemed to serve
There is a new dawn, a new age with no more lies
With Love,
Lodged between the hard edges
Is something shimmery and bright
It looks distant and far from reach
The path leading to it seems too tight
Then the sun starts to set
And the tide rolls in
Filling crevices and holes
Until with water they overbrim
The salt from the tears
Seem to salve the wounds
With each passing day
Acting as a healing boon
The crashing waves
Remind me of my strength
And that shimmering light
Makes me want to rid my angst
When I focus on its light
I am returned to my bliss
Holding onto the beauty
Releasing my clenched fist
Moon after moon, tide after tide
The crevice widens further
Wide enough to walk the path
This lesson I shall endure
Approaching the shimmering light
My anger melts away
I only have softness in my heart
With a reconciliation made
With Love,
Each face we encounter, including our own, etches a story
They are stories of fear, of disappointment, of destruction
Outlined by lines of struggle, worry and loss
Shadowed by lies, secrets and parts rejected
Furrowed brows and fake smiles
Hastened paces and nervous tics
Crouched postures and sunken bellies
Our bodies share our pain
If we take a few steps back
And we stand where the sun casts a different shadow
Follow the lines and curves, into the valleys and over the hills
We can see the form of a warrior emerging
Outreached arms and focused gaze
Steadfast stance and enduring mind
Brave heart and generous hand
Our bodies reveal our fortitude
If we take a few steps back
And we stand where the sun casts a different light
Follow the acts of kindness and openness of heart
We can see the form of a hero emerging
Every day signals the call for the hero
To rise and shine and start fresh, a new slate
On which to write our hopes and dreams
That live on – through and over, under and around
Each fear we confront becomes a testament to our courage
Every disappointment we overcome strengthens our resilience
Every struggle we turn into opportunity marks our ingenuity
All the destruction we use to create releases our aliveness
Each face we encounter, including our own, etches a story
They are stories of hope, of faith, of love
Outlined by lines of endurance, determination and perseverance
Lit by ways of compassion, kindness and generosity
With Love,
Day 19 Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Yes!: When I am on a roll, I am on a roll, whether it’s something good snowballing or something bad snowballing…. I am on a roll. The day becomes made up of all of these little domino effects: a smile leads to a feeling of warmth leads to an act of kindness leads to thoughts of goodwill leads to a bump leads to thoughts of rudeness leads to feelings of annoyan…ce and the day goes on… Ob-Bla-Di, Ob-Bla-Da… Life Goes On. What a roller coaster ride it becomes, yet, it has become such a natural, integral part of my day, week, month, year, existence that I don’t take much note to the light switch that seems to be constantly flipping on, then off, then on again. Luckily, bikram yoga, meditation retreats and kale juice are the super-fad these days, and my peace can be bought with some sweat, silence and a smoothie. While they prove to be effective and worthy candidates, the true front-runner that will help me stay a little more even-keeled and a lot more sane in this race against who knows what is my mindset. Everything, including my mindset, is MY choice. That’s how much control and power I have over my experiences. I choose to make them good or bad, annoying or pleasing, maddening or saddening. “Yes,” and certainly not, “Thank You,” are not the first things that come to my mind when some rude person slams into me or cuts me off or interrupts me… I am trying to make them the first things that come to mind. When I say “Yes” or “Thank You,” I choose to sing to the tune of Bob Marley: “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” No use wasting all that energy turning my light on and off all the time…. Besides, maybe if mine turns off less, so will others. Thank you. Xx

Day 15 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Namaste: I just recently learned what ‘Namaste’ means – the Divine within me bows to the Divine within you. It takes my breath away – how incredibly powerful and so very humbling is this one word! As I continue along my self-discovery journey, I am tapping more and more into my spiritual nature. At this point, I am of the school of thought that believes the Divine, that incredible creative energy, lives within all things – material and immaterial, seen and unseen. You and I are born of this energy and will remain apart of it until eternity. As I see it, what all this means is that we are all one. How I treat you, my environment, my material things is all a reflection of how I treat myself. Boom! May I continue to be reminded of this powerful knowledge to walk forward in the paths of humility, respect, compassion and reverence. No matter what the Divine means to you – God, the Universe, creative energy, Highest Self, Inner Light.. And the list goes on – it seems to be everywhere when I need it, guiding me toward my purpose and reason for Being. Thank you. Xx

Day 12 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Kindred Spirits: The best part about my self-discovery journey is understanding what I made up of – my desires, triggers, boundaries, annoyances, pains – and then honoring them in such a way that helps me grow. I gain further clarity. I accept without judgment. I heal. While the uncontrollable remains out of reach, it is my decisions that start to become clearer because they are more aligned with who I am. There’s less back and forth, push and pull… stirring up less dust and confusion, guilt and resentment, upset and dissatisfaction. I feel more at peace. As I come closer to my truest self, I attract those kindred spirits who I get to ride the same wavelength with – this is my favorite part about the self-discovery journey. To quote Susan Cain, author of “Quiet,” during her interview on MarieTV: “I go through the world looking for kindred spirits, and there is always at least one – the person you really connect with. You really want to be with them. You want to get to know them better. You want to stay in touch.” When I meet a kindred spirit, I find that our individual energies converge into one big, better energy that is captivating, inspiring, glowing. All of the sudden, two becomes better than one. There’s less hesitation to speak my truth because we make it safe for one another to express our individuality and to play with the boundaries. In the words of Ann-with-an-e from “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery: “Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” Kindred spirits always make home feel not that far away! Thank you. Xx

Day 7 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Grey Area: All too often, in order to make sense of life, we pare down the world into black or white – artistic or athletic, smart or dumb, generous or stingy, good or bad, with or without. This mutual exclusivity makes it easier for judgments and decisions. However, we leave out the best parts – all those shades of grey that create shadow, light, depth and perspective. Living in black and white denies full expression of the human condition – our core needs, deepest desires, innermost emotions, intense power and probing intellect – and prevents us from living in 3D. To quote Jon Ronson, a British journalist and filmmaker: ‘… the grey areas are where you find the complexity, humanity and where you find the truth.’ The space in between, the grey area, is where we will find our connectedness and universality – where we realize that you and I are the same. Thank you. Xx