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Wrapped in Mother Nature’s embrace
Her winds whistle warm whispers
Branches swaying, rock-a-bye baby
Frolicking fairies fawn and flatter
Sinking into a soundly slumber
Curling into folded fetal position
Hibernating deep within her womb
Healed by her magic kisses
Awakened by the serpents hisses
Swirling sounds of sirens surround
A fire burns fierce and bright
What happened to my Garden of Eden?
How did my Heaven turn into this Hell?
With Love,
give (something abstract) a firm theoretical or practical basis.
On June 22, 2013, one day prior to my 33rd birthday, I found myself on a plane flying from Mexico City, Mexico to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  For the following 6 months, I would be trekking to a new city practically every week, making me feel like I was spending more time up-in-the-air than on the ground.  I really didn’t know into what I was getting myself.  Contractually, I was obliged to spend 3 weeks in Mexico City and 1 week in New York City, but, as to be expected from life, what actually played out was much different than what had been scripted.  I was open and willing to move in whichever direction the winds blew me.  I saw the changes as nothing less than an opportunity and an adventure.  On Belay? Belay On!
The adventure had begun.  I employed my typical tourist strategies and expanded my repertoire to try to include some more ‘local’ acts.  In short, I tried to insert myself into the ex-pat community.  Yet, one thing became increasingly clear – the more I tried to find my niche externally, the more I wanted to burrow into my niche internally.  My normal exploratory, adventurous self had given way to a much more circumspect and cloistered hermit.  I had been no stranger to traveling to cities far and wide, familiar and unfamiliar all by myself.  I was pretty good about taking the ir- out of my irrational fears.  And after living in numerous cities, I had no problem creating a network out of nothing.  So why wasn’t I out there conquering these new lands?
Many months later, in retrospect, I now know that I was feeling isolated and lonely.  I was homesick for the life I had started to build for myself in the short period I had been living in NYC.  I wanted comfort, and the place I was able to find it was mostly within myself while also taking short strolls in my immediate neighborhood and snuggling in at night alongside my favorite salmon dinner and profiterole dessert from my favorite hotel French restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon.  This was my yummy.  At times, I couldn’t transport myself home.  Other times, it didn’t make sense to transport myself home.  Therefore, I created my own version of home the best way I knew how – yummy food, cozy hotel bed, safe environment. 
Eventually, my up-in-the-air life wasn’t serving me any longer.  It was time to return home, amidst all of the travel.  Therefore, I set out on a mission to figure out how to ground myself, to make me feel connected, safe and secure.  My mission unknowingly led me to the journey that I am living now, which started with the process of grounding myself.  At the heart of grounding is getting back-to-basics.  I had to take ensure that my survival needs were being taken care of beyond what I was doing; instead of covering myself in a veil of comfort food and blankets, I needed to build a sense of emotional and physical stability from within.  My entire focus for the months thereafter became honed in on the following steps to ground myself.
Begin With The Body
I had no other choice but to begin with my body because my body was in pain.  Whatever it was that I couldn’t or wasn’t voicing to myself and others became blocked in my body, building anxiety and causing tension.  I know that I have mentioned this previously, but I stress this again.  Pay attention to your body signals.  It’s all too easy to rationalize, make excuses for and plain old ignore what our mind tells us it needs and wants.  Therefore, sit with yourself.  Relax your mind, then unwind your body and see what sensations appear.  Identify where you are carrying your stress.  It can be the knot in your stomach that won’t go away, the pain in your lower back whenever you move in a certain way, the intermittent headaches or the crook in your neck.  You don’t need to know what’s causing it, yet, you just need to be aware that it’s there.
Reconnect Body and Mind
By just recognizing where your stress or tension resides in your body, you are doing a service to your mind, as well.  When you acknowledge the pain in your body, you are supporting the evidence that your mind gave you much earlier.  It is critical that you allow the energy from your mind and body to flow to/from one another.  Think about how all of your physical reactions stem from stimuli received from your physical body but instantaneously reacted to by a neurological response.  Your body and mind work in tandem to ensure your safety, so help them by letting them do their jobs.  One of the best ways I was able to keep body and mind aligned was through massage.  Not only did the massages release the knots but they also released the pain both physically and emotionally.  Whatever energy had been blocked and stored in my body were finally being released.  The honest truth is that once you get into bodywork, you will probably release long-held anxiety that had been building up since early years (but that’s more for another time :))  Just find a way to release the tension and pain – yoga, massage, stretching, running. 
Try Kundalini Yoga
If you are using yoga to ground yourself, my recommendation is try a form called, Kundalini.  At the base of your spine sits the first of seven energy centers, which is most commonly referred to as, the Root Chakra (or First, or Muladhara Chakra).  The Root Chakra connects you with the ground, the Earth, and is associated with energies that support your primal needs, such as food, shelter, sex, heredity, etc.  Its very essence and purpose is grounding.  Interestingly enough, at exactly the same time I was looking to ground myself in Mexico City, I was invited to a yoga session that happened to focus on the various chakra centers – the day I attended they were focusing on the Root Chakra.  When I returned to the States, I scheduled a massage. Upon my arrival, I found a description of Aveda’s Chakra Massage.  My life was being to flow in a specific direction that I would continue to follow (but more on that later :)).
Get Back-To-Basics
The rest is simple and straightforward and doesn’t need a lot of embellishment.  Establish or re-establish a solid routine of a nourishing diet, sleep and exercise.  Clear your body and mind of as many toxins as you can.  Think of your body and mind as containing many channels through which blood, air, energy and other life’s essential forms flow.  When these channels are clear, life forces flow much more easily.  Make one choice at a time, and take one step at a time, but always try to move forward with the intent to nourish yourself.  Give your body and mind the nutrients it needs to be well and healthy.  The domino effect will spark a change that has the potential to become transformative in your life.  
The process to ground yourself can be wearing emotionally and physically.  So don’t forget to be kind to yourself and make the process yummy.  I was lucky enough to be able to give myself weekly massages, take nightly salt baths and hire a personal trainer.  Do what you can to make the process enjoyable and meaningful for you because the process is just as important as the end result – the process can help you become steeped in a new reality that plays a huge part in the transformation to come. 
With Love,