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Wrapped in Mother Nature’s embrace
Her winds whistle warm whispers
Branches swaying, rock-a-bye baby
Frolicking fairies fawn and flatter
Sinking into a soundly slumber
Curling into folded fetal position
Hibernating deep within her womb
Healed by her magic kisses
Awakened by the serpents hisses
Swirling sounds of sirens surround
A fire burns fierce and bright
What happened to my Garden of Eden?
How did my Heaven turn into this Hell?
With Love,
Held down by the chains
Of our own self-limiting beliefs
Never really knowing what’s possible
Will be our death’s greatest grief
For within each and all of us
Dwells infinite abundance
Once realized and manifested
All of our deepest desires it grants
Awaken the Shakti, uncoil the serpent
Re-engage the power that fell dormant
See your God-image in the mirror
All those primal fears you shall recant
Accept the invitation to journey
Into your deepest inner caverns
Excavating the dirt to find the diamond
Your own magnificence is what you’ll learn
Understanding your past
Will open the door to your present
Bringing light consciousness to surface
Truth, beauty and love no longer latent
All that surrounds us is of our creation
Change your beliefs, change your being
Once you know you’re Christ-self
You will experience full Self-healing
With Love,
They start as inclinations
A tendency, a preference
Over time, they become patterns
If we are busy, we fail to recognize them
But if we remain still, even if for just a moment
Hand over the mic, and they will tell you
They are the whispers and nudges
We mostly think of as nuisances
Or even coincidences or accidents
And then, we hear their voices
The authenticity that underlies
All that is tepid, trembling or timid
Giving way to the strong and steady
The voice we have carried within
All along those tendencies meant something
They all add up, and we wake up
Realizing that they were co-incidences
Not just accidents or happenstance
Yet we somehow want to shut it up
Our own voices. We strip it of its credibility.
Shutting up. Shutting down. Ignoring it.
When you don’t honor your inner stirrings
What some may name a calling – your calling
To say or do something in that moment
You neglect not only yourself
Because a calling is more than your own creation
It exists through the consciousness
A family’s blessing, a community’s wish
A state’s need or God’s offering
Is all wrapped within each of our callings
To honor it is to say YES
And to live our life beyond imagination
The greatness we live is the greatness we give
So watch what draws you, repels you, feeds you
Every glance, every hunch hold significance
Pay attention to the message that it gives
They call to your soul on every level
They are the lessons to learn and the ways to grow
Let them lead you to your home
With Love,
Walking along this path
I am taught an eternal lesson
One that I have long known
But need to be reminded of
I look at the canopy above me
And see the bending trees
They grow toward the light
Into the openness and the sun
They do not know any other way
And when they are blocked
They find a way around or through
For nothing comes between the two
This is the wisdom I was taught
From Mother Earth and her gnomes
Her fairies and her mushrooms
She shouts it from the trees
I must follow the sunshine
I must find the light
And will say goodbye to all those things
That makes life feel too tight
For the light is levity
And freedom and support
Even when darkness falls
I shall use the light to stand up tall
I now recognize the inner light
That grasps hands with the outer sun
And what I’m being told
Is that our solar power has just begun
Reflect, beam and shine the way
From the love that’s within
To find glory, love and joy
Never feel without
With Love,
(v) find (something or someone) unexpectedly or in the course of a search.
When I was young, I wanted my story to read faster.  I lived life hastily in order to get to the next chapter, a new beginning, another part.  As I get older, and presumably become more mature, there are still some parts I want to fast forward through, but, surprisingly, there is a growing amount that I want to slow down significantly. 
I still think, speak and act hastily in order to get done and move on to the next.  Thought before speech or action has never been and sometimes still is not my strongest suit, as my feet, arms, fingers and mouth always seem to be on high alert, like a guard on lookout.  This is one of my weaknesses.  However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was I.  Time and practice, as well as a desire to change, seem to be the only antidotes.  And, well, that takes… time… and practice.   For now, I am appreciating my uber awareness of when I am hasty, even if I don’t stop myself and know that I will most likely pay some sort of consequence later.  What I have learned over and over is that when I try to accomplish a task for the sake of getting it done and over with, my efforts are never rewarded because requirements almost certainly change, causing the task to be redone.  As the adage says, “Haste makes waste.” 
Well, not everything in life can be redone, so it’s best to try to take things slowly, especially when the situation involves matters of the heart.  I am no different in love than I am with life.  That same eager, antsy girl who loves getting the job done is the same eager, antsy girl who loves moving things to the next level in a relationship.  For years, I seemed to be more concerned with how things were progressing in a relationship rather than how I felt about the other person.  Things were always good enough, and if there was something amiss, I rationalized that every relationship has its ‘something.’  If a relationship was going to work, it was going to work through blood, sweat and tears.  Plenty of tears and acid reflux – a recipe for dismal success.  Needless to say, this plow mentality (there’s a reason I was nicknamed, “The Plow,” in field hockey) was not winning any favors from me, him or our relationship.  The things I most desired – love, acceptance, marriage – were those things farthest from my reach in any of these relationships.  Sadly to say, this rinse, wash and repeat repeated itself for many years in my 20s.  The Albert Einstein quote, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” crossed my mind more than once. 
Luckily, I turned 34.  I don’t know if this is a magical age for everyone, but it is for me because I closed the door to my insanity.  At times, the door was very hard to shut, as I found that I had crammed a lot behind it.  Better yet, even when the door was shut, it would fly right open in defiance.  There’s no guarantee that it will stay shut, but I am ready to keep closing it for as long as I need to.  So, for the first time (possibly ever), I have created the space needed for breathing room.  I made up my mind that this chapter of my life is going to read slowly.  I like to call my current relationship a slow and steady simmer. 
Of course, timelines, a kicking uterus and the pressure for marriage all sit on my shoulder and remind me of my age, my chances for pregnancy and the like while fears of the unknown, potential loss, starting over again dance in my head.  However, if I allow these fears to drive my life, then I am giving over my power to them, and I don’t want to do that.  Instead, I remind myself that this is a process.  Life is a process.  Love is a process.  Let life unfold.  Let love blossom.  Again, the only antidote seems to be time and patience.  In order to confront each daunting reminder and every fear, I must first find the truth by discovering who this man really is.  Who is his authentic self? What does he stand for? Can he stall tall and proud in his own power?  What is his shadow side?  What does a family look like to him?  How does he love?  As these answers are revealed, my fears shadows will be diminished in the light, and I will be able to see clearly if our truths are aligned.  Once I know, I can act confidently and never regret giving up too early. 
With Love,
Day 19 Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Yes!: When I am on a roll, I am on a roll, whether it’s something good snowballing or something bad snowballing…. I am on a roll. The day becomes made up of all of these little domino effects: a smile leads to a feeling of warmth leads to an act of kindness leads to thoughts of goodwill leads to a bump leads to thoughts of rudeness leads to feelings of annoyan…ce and the day goes on… Ob-Bla-Di, Ob-Bla-Da… Life Goes On. What a roller coaster ride it becomes, yet, it has become such a natural, integral part of my day, week, month, year, existence that I don’t take much note to the light switch that seems to be constantly flipping on, then off, then on again. Luckily, bikram yoga, meditation retreats and kale juice are the super-fad these days, and my peace can be bought with some sweat, silence and a smoothie. While they prove to be effective and worthy candidates, the true front-runner that will help me stay a little more even-keeled and a lot more sane in this race against who knows what is my mindset. Everything, including my mindset, is MY choice. That’s how much control and power I have over my experiences. I choose to make them good or bad, annoying or pleasing, maddening or saddening. “Yes,” and certainly not, “Thank You,” are not the first things that come to my mind when some rude person slams into me or cuts me off or interrupts me… I am trying to make them the first things that come to mind. When I say “Yes” or “Thank You,” I choose to sing to the tune of Bob Marley: “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.” No use wasting all that energy turning my light on and off all the time…. Besides, maybe if mine turns off less, so will others. Thank you. Xx

Day 13 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Permission: I have come to realize that in order to live the life I want, I need to give myself permission to do so. It’s the permission to say, ‘No,’ and not feel guilty about it that releases me from resentment. It’s the permission to say, ‘Yes,’ and not feel greedy about it that releases me from shame. It’s the permission to acknowledge my feelings and honor the pain that allows me to heal. It’s the permission to provide an answer without an explanation that gives me peace. It’s the permission to live the life I desire with full acceptance that brings me harmony. Thank you. Xx