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Fear strikes
Even the mighty
Fallen prey to evil
Casted aside
Shadows lurk
Seeking refuge
Within me
Lies of the truth
Good and evil
Cast shadows
Of light onto darkness
Illuminating its path
No better than
Only same as
Find our unity


Wrapped in Mother Nature’s embrace
Her winds whistle warm whispers
Branches swaying, rock-a-bye baby
Frolicking fairies fawn and flatter
Sinking into a soundly slumber
Curling into folded fetal position
Hibernating deep within her womb
Healed by her magic kisses
Awakened by the serpents hisses
Swirling sounds of sirens surround
A fire burns fierce and bright
What happened to my Garden of Eden?
How did my Heaven turn into this Hell?
With Love,


As each day passes, the light becomes brighter
Bringing clarity to matters of heart and head
That once seemed impossible to figure out
Leaving me wonder how long I must tread
Toiling and troubling, my mind would circle round
Trying to make sense of the direction I should take
And examining the hidden messages
To learn of the lessons, for my own sake
With Pluto demanding  nothing but the truth
I’ve been forced to face the shadows of darkness and death
Shut away and hidden, rejected and repressed
Always preventing me from complete soul’s rest
Now I know, without a shadow of a doubt
That you were all part of the cosmic plan
Reflecting the parts of which I had been so ashamed
I confronted them one by one, lifting their perennial ban
Slowly, I resuscitate each and every part of me
Breathing life into every crack, crevice and corner
I implore them for their forgiveness and understanding
And with such simplicity, I have paid the debt I incur
With humility and gratitude, I receive such grace
To unlock myself from these chains
Giving myself the choice of being
I have fallen in love with freedom’s taste
With Love,
With my compass pointing due North
I feel confident that I have found my way
With one gigantic step, I took the leap
Emerging into the light, out from the gray
On this other side, the sun shines brightly
Something I have never noticed before
Your rays dancing alongside me
Leading me to what’s in store
At times feeling calm and reassured
I take each step forward with confidence
While sometimes shaken with nerves and fret
My footing starts to lose its sure stance
So I stop and pause for a moment or two
To regain my faith and composure
Filling my lungs with your breath
It is invigorating and light, life-giving and pure
Then I feel the light shining down through me
Filling my every space with your wisdom
Giving me the strength to know without a doubt
That I am running to, not from
It can be so hard to hear the whispers
I need you to speak up please
Shout it out loud, write it in the sky
Make it drop from the trees
Everyday, I ask for your guidance
Then keep silence and space
So that you can respond
And grant me your loving grace
Now you surprise me with a test
You want to see if my resistance
Is strong enough to withstand the pressure
If all will collapse from my hesitance
I reassure you that I will not falter
For nothing can keep me from coming home
It is my strength and courage that you have gifted me
So that I no longer have to roam
With Love,
There comes a time when I reach a point
When there are no more tears to cry
And all of my emotions have run dry
The raging fury that once burned so brightly
Dying down to its embers, has spent all its fuel
With the space now for the heat to cool
Once I push past the anger, breaking through
To the other side, I now see plain and clear
The anger was masking my biggest, darkest fear
For when you help up the mirror, I saw my reflection
Like a loudspeaker, my fears being projected back
The shame too great, I couldn’t face up to all that I lack
The love for myself faltered and swayed
As it tripped over my weakened power
The triggers I no longer want to endure
I strip my emotions until they are naked
Standing under the moonlight
I realize that there is no more reason to fight
Baring my heart and soul’s truth
I can no longer run, I can no longer hide
I have said all that I need to confide
Wrapping myself in sweet surrender
A smile emerges, arms extend and eyes close
One long breath in, my body now unfroze
Sacrifice my fears, my insecurities
Hang them on the cross
For their sins, I have felt so much loss
Because there is nothing more to reveal
I don’t need to be protected any longer
Taking back my power, making me stronger
I may not be the best at this love thing
But I am not afraid to shed it all
And in my truth, I will stand tall
With Love,
the DesignLife
Lodged between the hard edges
Is something shimmery and bright
It looks distant and far from reach
The path leading to it seems too tight
Then the sun starts to set
And the tide rolls in
Filling crevices and holes
Until with water they overbrim
The salt from the tears
Seem to salve the wounds
With each passing day
Acting as a healing boon
The crashing waves
Remind me of my strength
And that shimmering light
Makes me want to rid my angst
When I focus on its light
I am returned to my bliss
Holding onto the beauty
Releasing my clenched fist
Moon after moon, tide after tide
The crevice widens further
Wide enough to walk the path
This lesson I shall endure
Approaching the shimmering light
My anger melts away
I only have softness in my heart
With a reconciliation made
With Love,
No matter how wild is my wildest dream
You feel my passion, see my spark
And look up at the star-kissed sky
Offering light to help me through the dark
No matter how loud is my loudest shout
You give me the space to speak my truth
And listen for what it’s rooted in
Coaxing out the words from my mouth
No matter how overly my overly giving
You are touched by its generosity
And feel so deeply grateful
Wondering if there was anyone luckier to be
No matter how many is my many tears
You undress and stand by my side
And share in my naked vulnerability
Willing to join me for this roller coaster ride
Steered sometimes by necessity
Other times by want and desire
Always through a choice we make
Coming deep from within our fire
All of the days and nights we share
I never once doubt your intentions
You always made my feel like your choice
That of everyone else, there is none
I know your love for me is real
I know your love for me is true
That what you say is from the heart
And it’s not your logic from which you drew
With Love,