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As each day passes, the light becomes brighter
Bringing clarity to matters of heart and head
That once seemed impossible to figure out
Leaving me wonder how long I must tread
Toiling and troubling, my mind would circle round
Trying to make sense of the direction I should take
And examining the hidden messages
To learn of the lessons, for my own sake
With Pluto demanding  nothing but the truth
I’ve been forced to face the shadows of darkness and death
Shut away and hidden, rejected and repressed
Always preventing me from complete soul’s rest
Now I know, without a shadow of a doubt
That you were all part of the cosmic plan
Reflecting the parts of which I had been so ashamed
I confronted them one by one, lifting their perennial ban
Slowly, I resuscitate each and every part of me
Breathing life into every crack, crevice and corner
I implore them for their forgiveness and understanding
And with such simplicity, I have paid the debt I incur
With humility and gratitude, I receive such grace
To unlock myself from these chains
Giving myself the choice of being
I have fallen in love with freedom’s taste
With Love,
reveal or disclose (thoughts or information).
I am always in a rush to get to the end.  When I was a little girl, I sometimes used to read the last chapter in a book after the first chapter to see how it ended.  When I was in second grade, I sprinted to the finish line in all my classes – if I wasn’t trying to cross the finish line first in gym class, I was trying to complete my test the fastest in math class.
This very well formed and deeply imbedded habit has followed me from my childhood into my adulthood.  I find that it likes to skip alongside me, happy to come along for the walk, run or ride.  In some sense, it is endearing because it is doing none other than what I have trained it to do for all of these years – cheer me on to go faster, be better, move quicker and, ultimately, help me achieve my end. 
I am still learning the old idiom that life is about the journey, not the destination.  I believe that they can hold equal significance – getting to know someone and getting married to that special someone seems to me to be equally awesome, working hard to complete a project then finishing it feels equally rewarding and so on.  Nonetheless, I am trying to be a lot more appreciative of the journey itself, instead of completely focused on the destination. 
As most people know by now, I am on a quest to live a purposeful life.  I am absolutely, without-a-doubt certain that we all are living part of our purpose day-in and day-out.  When I wake up imbued with gratitude and wonderment about the day’s gifts and glories, I feel certain that I was meant to live this day and experience its magnificence.  When I look my Katie-dog in the eyes and tell her how much I love her and how much joy she brings to my life, I know wholeheartedly that we have been brought together for a reason.  When my 94-year old grandmother and I share stories about our faith in love and life, our bond becomes that much stronger.  Purpose, like beauty, love and joy, surrounds us everyday.  We just have to be receptive to it.
For me, I want to take my purposeful life one step farther into the realm of the work that I do.  I have been so lucky to have met so many people who do love their work – either they have built something from ground up or have pursued work that they really enjoy, including my mom, who spent 20 years working as a Social Worker.  While my mom’s work was hard, she loved it; in fact, she lived it.  Her work was an extension of who she is, and who she is was an extension of her work.  She found her calling.
Throughout my career, I have wanted to find my calling.  However, timing, finances and other things were just not aligned for me to make any big jumps.  Over the past decade, I think I am finally learning (thank goodness!) that change, progress, evolution takes time – certainly not a few days, not weeks, not even months sometimes.  Change needs to be cultivated in order for it to be enacted and maintained.  In order to embrace my own change, I am slowly but surely learning to:
Follow Yummy
I was talking to my girlfriend the other night about her relationship and where she wanted it to go.  As all of us girls do, she was getting wrapped up into the question of where the relationship was going.  Instead of enjoying what she has while she has it, she has been spending her time worrying, questioning, analyzing.  I am all too familiar with this territory and need to follow my own advice.  One of the reminders I have been giving myself is to follow yummy – try it on and see how it feels.  Does it feel nourishing? Do you feel good while you’re in it, and subsequently, when you walk away from it?  Does it feel rejuvenating?  At the end of the day, I want to be surrounded by people who make me feel loved, supported, cared for and nurtured by – the things that I do, the people I surround myself with, the things that I say should be used to build up, not knock down.  While you may have a distinct picture of what that final destination looks like, make sure that the trail that leads you to it feels yummy!
Detach From The Destination
This is the hardest one because the way we typically live our lives is with the destination in mind – know where you want to go, who you want to be and work backwards to fill in the blanks.  I am not saying to release focus on a final destination but be open if the clues you find along the trail of yummy leads you to a different destination.  We have so many different motivational drivers that perhaps we have convinced ourselves of wanting a specific outcome.  It is in our best interest to take the time and put in the effort needed to ensure that outcome is truly what we want and desire.  When focused on your final destination, don’t lose sight of what the clues are telling you.
Listen for Clues
As someone told me once, “Listen for God’s wings.”  I had no idea what that meant, and after asking, she explained that it meant that messages are everywhere.  Listen, look and you shall find.  Despite whether or not you believe in a higher being or the universe, inevitably, there are signs, symbols and subconscious that do lead us to moments of clarity and direction.  So be open and receptive to the clues around us to help us unfold our journeys.
I am very much still continuing along my journey.  I have devised a compass that is giving me a solid general direction.  I believe that through my journey, I will figure out the specifics.  The biggest tool that has helped me understand my general direction has been to find what’s yummy to me.  While my sidekick is still around telling me to forge ahead to the finish line, I am so much more excited to see what unfolds in the meantime.
With Love,