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Wrapped in Mother Nature’s embrace
Her winds whistle warm whispers
Branches swaying, rock-a-bye baby
Frolicking fairies fawn and flatter
Sinking into a soundly slumber
Curling into folded fetal position
Hibernating deep within her womb
Healed by her magic kisses
Awakened by the serpents hisses
Swirling sounds of sirens surround
A fire burns fierce and bright
What happened to my Garden of Eden?
How did my Heaven turn into this Hell?
With Love,
Walking along this path
I am taught an eternal lesson
One that I have long known
But need to be reminded of
I look at the canopy above me
And see the bending trees
They grow toward the light
Into the openness and the sun
They do not know any other way
And when they are blocked
They find a way around or through
For nothing comes between the two
This is the wisdom I was taught
From Mother Earth and her gnomes
Her fairies and her mushrooms
She shouts it from the trees
I must follow the sunshine
I must find the light
And will say goodbye to all those things
That makes life feel too tight
For the light is levity
And freedom and support
Even when darkness falls
I shall use the light to stand up tall
I now recognize the inner light
That grasps hands with the outer sun
And what I’m being told
Is that our solar power has just begun
Reflect, beam and shine the way
From the love that’s within
To find glory, love and joy
Never feel without
With Love,