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Fear strikes
Even the mighty
Fallen prey to evil
Casted aside
Shadows lurk
Seeking refuge
Within me
Lies of the truth
Good and evil
Cast shadows
Of light onto darkness
Illuminating its path
No better than
Only same as
Find our unity
Held down by the chains
Of our own self-limiting beliefs
Never really knowing what’s possible
Will be our death’s greatest grief
For within each and all of us
Dwells infinite abundance
Once realized and manifested
All of our deepest desires it grants
Awaken the Shakti, uncoil the serpent
Re-engage the power that fell dormant
See your God-image in the mirror
All those primal fears you shall recant
Accept the invitation to journey
Into your deepest inner caverns
Excavating the dirt to find the diamond
Your own magnificence is what you’ll learn
Understanding your past
Will open the door to your present
Bringing light consciousness to surface
Truth, beauty and love no longer latent
All that surrounds us is of our creation
Change your beliefs, change your being
Once you know you’re Christ-self
You will experience full Self-healing
With Love,
Protection speaks many languages
And it comes in many guises
From everywhere and everyone
Creating a cloudy mist
Its form is seen as a helping hand
Some telling advice or feedback
Sharing some of the responsibility
All the while believing in my lack
When you lie to me
To spare me of my own feelings
You deny me my strength
And hide behind your own being
You want to be seen as kind and sparing
But I see beyond your face
You cowardice! You liar!
Aren’t you tired of this bittersweet taste?
Understand that the truth
Is my gate of opportunity
Your lies are what is painful
I want to be set free
When you do or say for me
What I can do or say on my own
You are taking from my power
And reducing my tone
You want to be seen as helpful and friendly
But I see beyond your face
What control! What possessiveness!
Aren’t you tired of this bittersweet taste?
Know that I am not helpless
And give me the chance
I will show what I know and learn what I don’t
For this opportunity, I hope you will grant
When you speak from your assumptions
And beware and caution and advise
You believe I don’t already know

And don’t give me the chance for my knowing to rise
You want to be seen as knowledgeable and wise
But I see beyond your face
You’re intruding! You’re trespassing!
Aren’t you tired of this bittersweet taste?
Be aware that questions over tellings
Are what help to light my way
So if you really want to help
Let me feel the sun’s rays
For within each of us, we are so much more
Powerful and wise, strong and capable
If you want to be my friend, help me grow and spread my wings
Tune my up instead of out, increase my decibel
With Love,

Day 12 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Kindred Spirits: The best part about my self-discovery journey is understanding what I made up of – my desires, triggers, boundaries, annoyances, pains – and then honoring them in such a way that helps me grow. I gain further clarity. I accept without judgment. I heal. While the uncontrollable remains out of reach, it is my decisions that start to become clearer because they are more aligned with who I am. There’s less back and forth, push and pull… stirring up less dust and confusion, guilt and resentment, upset and dissatisfaction. I feel more at peace. As I come closer to my truest self, I attract those kindred spirits who I get to ride the same wavelength with – this is my favorite part about the self-discovery journey. To quote Susan Cain, author of “Quiet,” during her interview on MarieTV: “I go through the world looking for kindred spirits, and there is always at least one – the person you really connect with. You really want to be with them. You want to get to know them better. You want to stay in touch.” When I meet a kindred spirit, I find that our individual energies converge into one big, better energy that is captivating, inspiring, glowing. All of the sudden, two becomes better than one. There’s less hesitation to speak my truth because we make it safe for one another to express our individuality and to play with the boundaries. In the words of Ann-with-an-e from “Anne of Green Gables” by L.M. Montgomery: “Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” Kindred spirits always make home feel not that far away! Thank you. Xx

Day 11 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Vulnerability: The wounds are always there, but whether or not they hurt depends on whether or not they are being triggered… My biggest wounds are matters of the heart: Do I feel safe showing you everything I am? Do you really love me? Do you accept me completely for who I am? Life typically plays out in fast forward, running from thing to person to event to activity… Distracting my mind from giving too much thought or attention to concerns of acceptance… Until the moment that seems to stand still in time… When I thought just enough growth and healing had occurred that it would never hurt again… And there’s that familiar pain in the pit of my stomach reminding me of my vulnerability – something that was so easily masked and covered up by my busyness and distractions. Yet, with the pain comes a sense of relief. I am human. I feel pain. I am alive. I take a breath… And another… Until I feel life fill me, releasing me from my guilt, my shame, my grief, my pain. I hate feeling vulnerable – my heart can ache too much, too hard, too long. I will embrace it, though, because it demonstrates that I can be fearless – it becomes my next step toward freedom as I turn my biggest adversary into my best friend… Myself. From what I can tell so far, healing requires the one thing I have been running away from for so long – reopening my wounds. Thank you. Xx

Day 9 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Voice: Voice is one of the most powerful tools we have to communicate our thoughts and feelings, individually and collectively, internally and externally. Voice transcends vocal chords and written word – it is the unmistakable spirit that inspires and empowers us to take stands against injustice, spread new ideas, forge deeper bonds, pass on generational traditions and create a community of oneness. All it takes is an act of kindness, a nonviolent protest, a reassuring hug – no doubt your message, your intention, your voice, will be clear as can be. Amazingly, through technology, your and my voice have gained spread and meaning. Our voices can be shared amongst an entire global community to help provide support, information and understanding. To quote Sheryl Sandberg in her HBS Class of 2012 speech: “… Now ordinary people have voice… Anyone with access to Facebook, to Twitter or a mobile phone. This is disrupting traditional power structures and leveling traditional hierarchy. Voice and power are shifting from institutions to individuals.” At first, I was set on finding my perfect pitch. Now, I realize that my voice will continue to morph over time as my belief system, authentic Self and circumstances change. Thank you. Xx

Day 8 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – Pause: I spend most of my life putting one foot in front of the other, trying to take a few steps forward to further what I believe is progress – create new relationships, make more money, experience new things. Yet, every now and then, I take pause in order to reflect, reassess and recalibrate. I made a decision last June to take pause. I needed to quiet the… incessant chatter that was telling me what I should be doing; I needed to confirm whether or not I was walking down the right path. The silence revealed a hidden truth – that I was not being absolutely true to myself, to my greatest gifts, to my life’s purpose. To quote Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy: “We may not like it, but it really is important to stop every once in a while, get out of your own head and see the bigger picture. Actually, finding out you’ve been looking at things all wrong can be sort of liberating. And suddenly you see new potential, new possibilities where you’d never seen them before.” In this light, I am finding a different path – one that speaks more from my heart than from my head, is focused more on quality over quantity and wants to tap more into my creative powers than my critical thinking skills. I know, without a doubt, that I have found the path that was meant for me, and I am loving the things I discover as I traverse it. Thank you. Xx