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Silence Swells
Filling Mouth
Then Lungs
Taking My Breath Away
Causing Pain
And Pleasure
Pregnant Belly
Vacuous Womb
Undigested Feeling
Surfaced Toxins
Until Surrendering
Sweetly Asunder
Dividing Into Wholeness
They start as inclinations
A tendency, a preference
Over time, they become patterns
If we are busy, we fail to recognize them
But if we remain still, even if for just a moment
Hand over the mic, and they will tell you
They are the whispers and nudges
We mostly think of as nuisances
Or even coincidences or accidents
And then, we hear their voices
The authenticity that underlies
All that is tepid, trembling or timid
Giving way to the strong and steady
The voice we have carried within
All along those tendencies meant something
They all add up, and we wake up
Realizing that they were co-incidences
Not just accidents or happenstance
Yet we somehow want to shut it up
Our own voices. We strip it of its credibility.
Shutting up. Shutting down. Ignoring it.
When you don’t honor your inner stirrings
What some may name a calling – your calling
To say or do something in that moment
You neglect not only yourself
Because a calling is more than your own creation
It exists through the consciousness
A family’s blessing, a community’s wish
A state’s need or God’s offering
Is all wrapped within each of our callings
To honor it is to say YES
And to live our life beyond imagination
The greatness we live is the greatness we give
So watch what draws you, repels you, feeds you
Every glance, every hunch hold significance
Pay attention to the message that it gives
They call to your soul on every level
They are the lessons to learn and the ways to grow
Let them lead you to your home
With Love,
(v) prove or show to be true or genuine; validate.
Just a few moments ago, my sheltie, who I like to call ‘Katie-dog,’ was sitting in the nook of my bent legs.  As I scratched her neck and behind her ears, she looked up at me with these adorable forever-puppy eyes.  I was about to move her so that I could get up, but then I realized that this moment we were sharing  would never be again.  So I remained still, feeling the softness of her fur, absorbing the weight and form of her body on my legs and honing in on the love and gratitude I felt for her in that very moment. 
We don’t realize it, but these moments happen over and over again in our lives.  We just don’t take the time to experience them – the support of a chair beneath us, the balance of an upright posture, the love of an arm’s embrace.  And it feels so incredibly good to be still in that moment despite whatever we are feeling – security, sadness, discomfort, warmth.  What I find most fascinating is that by standing still in that moment, without grasping, without controlling, without straining – whatever feels most uncomfortable starts to feel tolerable and whatever feels most secure starts to become more elusive.  An objective detachment takes over, as though we are on the outside experiencing from within.  A paradox that only we can know. 
We use so many high-tech codes to authenticate our identities, yet, if we really want to access our most sacred, our most private place deep within ourselves, all we truly need is this moment to serve as our authentication.  Our experiences encode our truth, and it is only in the knowing of our experiences that we can start to decode our authenticity. 
With Love,