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Fear strikes
Even the mighty
Fallen prey to evil
Casted aside
Shadows lurk
Seeking refuge
Within me
Lies of the truth
Good and evil
Cast shadows
Of light onto darkness
Illuminating its path
No better than
Only same as
Find our unity
Held down by the chains
Of our own self-limiting beliefs
Never really knowing what’s possible
Will be our death’s greatest grief
For within each and all of us
Dwells infinite abundance
Once realized and manifested
All of our deepest desires it grants
Awaken the Shakti, uncoil the serpent
Re-engage the power that fell dormant
See your God-image in the mirror
All those primal fears you shall recant
Accept the invitation to journey
Into your deepest inner caverns
Excavating the dirt to find the diamond
Your own magnificence is what you’ll learn
Understanding your past
Will open the door to your present
Bringing light consciousness to surface
Truth, beauty and love no longer latent
All that surrounds us is of our creation
Change your beliefs, change your being
Once you know you’re Christ-self
You will experience full Self-healing
With Love,

Day 28 – Thanksgiving Thankfulness – This Moment: In this moment, the past does not matter, and the future does not exist. In this moment, I am forced to relinquish my burdens and release my worries. The weight lifts, and I concern myself with only those things that are within my control. In this moment, space diminishes, differences melt and time stands still so that all that is left is our togetherness. For this moment that I have with you, I am forever grateful. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Thank you. Xx